A very very warm welcome to my "CHAII FAM". Thank you so much for sparing your precious time in getting to know me! I'm Shivani Barot, the creative founder of my blog. I live in Atlanta, Georgia and ATL is my heart. I'm originally from India and I moved here about four years ago. My life has been quite a journey until now and I still have so much more to explore. It's funny how I ended up being a blogger too. "Too"? Yes, I'm not just a blogger. I'm an entrepreneur and I have a full-time job. I'm the founder and owner of a small batch candle making business, Starwick's Creation and I work as an HR-Executive in a pharmaceutical company. Also, I'm married and my husband is the best man on this earth for god chose me to end up with. He is constantly working with me behind the scene. He helps me with my business, he makes me look beautiful in all the pictures he takes of me for my blog, and I could just go on and on... My educational background has been science and I was really good with biology; only because I disliked math. I was a good student and just like my parents, I also believed that I would end up in med school. However, I really hit rock bottom when I flunked my chemistry board exam. My entire life was just shattered in front of me, I had a nervous breakdown, I was blaming myself for letting my parents down, for letting myself down. It was not like end of the world, I did pass the exam after the second try but little did I know back then that life is not all about getting good grades and going to med school. The tag of  being a failure was too much for me to handle at the age of 18. It occurred to me that I was not the right fit for med school neither did  I have energy to go through that stress all over again. So, I decided to continue my education in the field of Interior Designing. After graduating I moved to the states and started my candle business in 2016 and now I'm here with you all writing my blog to share with you things that inspire me, motivate me to do better and achieve great things in life. CHAII.O.CLOCK is all about fun, creation, inspiration. When I was deciding names for my blog, I wanted to have a blog name with a deep meaning hence, I came up with CHAII: Creative Human and Inspirational Influencer. Also, I loveeeee chai tea and cannot live without it. I hope my blog posts can fix your daily dose of content and information that can be helpful to you in your day to day life. Lots of love and power to you all.

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